Photography gear - 
Sony A7rii - A great camera with loads of features and incredible image quality. 
Sony 24-70 f4 - A great all round lens, bought it as the first lens with the sony a7Rii as an all round lens, great focal length for starting out any type of photography.
Zeiss Batis 18mm f2.8 - This lens is a beast, I bought it purely to have a wide angle lens
Filters - When it comes to filters I choose to use the benro master series filter kit, and all I can say about it is amazing filter quality, a great system and a really good price for what you get. 
Tripod - 
Bag - The camera bag I use is the Brevite rucksack, I choose this bag because of its good build quality, its size ( I am able to fit a camera body, 3 lenses including a 70-200 f4, filter system, water bottle, something to eat and a small jacket) which is incredible for its size and price when compared to other bags. 
Editing software 
When it comes to editing the pictures I capture I used both lightroom and photoshop. I think they still offer the best photo editing experience, and are updated quite frequently to keep up with their user demands. 
Storing pictures
When it comes to long term storing of pictures I take it seriously as I had my fair share of broken hard drives and loss of data which is as you might expect very frustrating.To deal with this I decided to invest in a Network attached storage (NAS) solution. The one I use is from synology, is a 2 bay NAS with one drive redundancy meaning if one drive fails I do not lose any data. 

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